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Tina Silva Blease

Wellness Entrepreneur
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About Me

I am part of a grassroots community of family and Friends that have come together to serve a common purpose. My mission is to raise awareness of toxic chemicals in most homes by educating and offering safer solutions to everyday consumer products.  I am dedicated to touch as many homes/businesses as possible and make a significant, positive impact on the health of families in our communities and for our earth. It’s so rewarding to  me when I can help inspired people to lead a healthier lifestyle simply by making simple changes to their everyday lives.

Great Introductions

Mom's/Dad's with children, athletes, someone who shops at Wholefoods, goes to the gym .... Business referrals: small businesses, cleaning companies, daycares, massage therapists, health care workers, coaches/trainers, and the like....

Hobbies and Interests

My joy is traveling around the world with my family. All seasonal adventures outdoors including camping, hiking, snowshoeing, biking, brewpub tastings, outdoor concerts. Indoors activities include games nights, knitting/crocheting, theme entertaining, reading and watching criminal/spy movies and series