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What we believe
Connecting in person is no longer required to build a trusted network.

Who we are

Each of us is passionate about our business and work hard to build meaningful relationships for growth.

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What we do

Veets exists to educate, provide resources and bring together business owners around growing their business by networking digitally.

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Current Articles

Network Like a Genius - What Albert Einstein had to Say About Networking and Business

Albert Einstein believed in the power of networking and the importance of innovation and creativity in business. His insights and wisdom can be valuable for anyone looking to succeed in today's fast-paced business world. Whether you're looking to build relationships, innovate, or just stay ahead of the curve, Einstein's words of wisdom can provide valuable guidance and inspiration.

You're Wasting Your Networking Time

Attending a networking event can help you build your professional network and find new business opportunities. Set specific goals, create a plan, network strategically, stay organized, and follow up to make the most of your time. Visit Veets, an online networking organization, for additional support and guidance.

4 Tips for Lighting Your Next Zoom Call

Now more than ever impressions are being made online instead of in person. Having a quality video setup for those important Zoom calls can can make an impression.

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