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Margie Powers

Owner Zoozler - App Development
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About Me

Zoozler is a tech development company. We create apps (web-based, iOS and Android) of any type. We also create websites and amazing videos. We solve the problem of how to help your potential clients realize that you are THE expert in your industry. This makes you stand out from your competitors. How? We create an app for your business. An app is a marketing tool regardless of what the app does. The app can help streamline a process or provide a handy constant reminder on your client's cell phone with an icon for ease in contacting you, viewing your website, or whatever. Don't just be in business - be the icon (on the cell phone)! Call me to discuss how. It's easier than you think.

Great Introductions

An ideal client for us is a business who is either looking for a way to streamline a process, or is looking to moderize their marketing. Our key business partners would be any business who knows businesses that could use an app (which is almost any business :-) ) such as, people who do social media marketing, SEO, IT, or who are in the retail business for higher priced items, such as, cars, boats, appliances, etc.

Hobbies and Interests

Faith and family are my interests. I love to walk, and a little adventure sometimes.