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Kai Deering

Independent Associate / Mentor / Author / Speaker
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About Me

I was a member of LegalShield at my last corporate America job. It was a portable benefit, I loved it and kept on the plan after I left the company. When I became an entrepreneur, I bought their small business plan and it was an invaluable resource, so much so that I started referring it to others. I figured the fact that I was referring it for free was the sign of a good business model and decided that I should go to work with them.


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Steve Remmel

Affordable Healthcare | Legal Services | Privacy Protection | Cybersecurity
"Kai always brings her A game and holds herself and others to high performance standards. This means when you work with her on any project, she brings out the best in you. Kai has taught me that the little things matter. Because of her leadership, I am better in front of a room of people and one-on-one with a prospect or business partner. Kai knows that success is built by getting 1% better every day, consistently and persistently.  She walks her talk—and I’m very grateful I watched and listened."
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Eva Barrows

Freelance Writer & Editor
"Kai has an amazing wealth of knowledge around entrepreneurship and is a networking pro. I am so glad I met her in 2021, she's helped me to grow my business' outreach--all within a virtual environment to boot! Thank you, Kai!"

Great Introductions

Small business owners that need legal help but don’t want to pay the high cost. As well, full time employees that are looking to make extra income outside their job.

Hobbies and Interests

I am fueled by a passion for social justice, helping others, and making a difference in the world. I am blessed to be a six-figure plus entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist.