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Dorothy Wisnewski

Copywriter, Messaging Strategist
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About Me

Copywriter, Messaging Strategist for inclusive brands doing good things. Word alchemist creating opportunity and revenue with strategic, intentional brand messaging and conversion experiences. Working remotely with clients worldwide.

➡ Conversion copy: turn websites, funnels, emails, etc. into money-making workhorses
➡ Copy strategy: identify the projects with the highest ROI for your time, money, and energy
➡ Brand messaging: clarify your voice and offer so your audience immediately gets it

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Great Introductions

Digital agency owners, fractional CMO/CROs, and B2B coaches. If that's you, I can help you:
➡ Provide a more valuable offer stack for the clients you'd love to work with (and charge accordingly)
➡ Get better client results, testimonials, and referrals
➡ Increase your revenue and reach bigger goals!

Hobbies and Interests

I'm an avid bread baker, and have developed my own recipe for a crusty boule. I don't bake a lot of sweets though... too fussy. 😁