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Christelle Fernandez

Systems & Ops Strategist
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About Me

As a Systems & Operations Strategist, or as I like call myself a Systems Geek, I transform businesses into a sustainable brand with simplified day to day operations.
When most businesses struggle to reach the growth they projected or envisioned, it tends to be because of their operations and business owners don’t even realize it.

I focus on strategy first and as a tech agnostic, I understand you don’t need cookie cutter fixes or what’s currently popular, instead I take a customized approach to identify, implement and consistently optimize the right systems & platforms based on what you’re needing & how you work best, not the other way around.
You gain clarity, efficiency and the space to keep doing the work you love, serving the clients you love, and scaling your business on your terms. Let’s chat if you’d like to unlock your profitability and growth by systemizing.

Great Introductions

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Ideal clients are service providers that have successfully grown their business to a certain level, but now their revenue has plateaued.

Hobbies and Interests

My little is in competitive I'm a full time soccer mom