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Cathryn Nebel

Certified Medical Revenue and Billing Manager
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About Me

Our Goal is to enable Physicians peace of mind and ability to focus on patient care while our medical billing services take the Practice to the next level.About Freedom

Our Certified team has 30 years in managing Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management, through a systematic approach in workflow management and process improvement techniques, coupled with our passion to help Small Medical Practices and Clinics improve their workflow strategies. Our Process is designed to engage with you and your team as a partner and extension of your business.

Great Introductions

Warm referrals to Practitioners needing help with managing their practice (Front office, Medical Billing, Accounts Receivable, Credentialing)
Bankers that provide funding options to private practices (This is a specialty niche in the banking industry)
Bookkeepers/Accounting firms/CPAs that provide financial service and advise to private practices
Medical Mal Practice Insurance agents

Hobbies and Interests

Love the beach, so biking, walking, and just being on the Ocean.