3 Tips for Networking Online

3 Tips for Networking Online

In person networking events are not really possible with social distancing in place so many business owners are turning to virtual networking events. Although there are a lot of similarities to networking in person versus networking online, there are some aspects of networking online that are unique. Keep these three tips in mind as you sign up for your next event.

1. Take the lead

A lot of people are actively networking online for the first time and might not be sure how to navigate connecting and building relationships virtually. When you enter a breakout room during a virtual networking event offer to be the time keeper or lead in helping navigate what order the introductions go in. This does a favor to the others in the room by allowing them to be freed up and focus on making connections. As well, it’ll help show you are able to take initiative and be helpful and that will reflect well on your business. Finally, it’ll give you more “face time”. Since you’ll be coordinating, you’ll be more of the focus in your group and help you to be remembered.

2. Connect Via LinkedIn Early

LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with the larger network you are building for your business for a few reasons. Once you connect with someone on LinkedIn, they will be able to see your posts and this allows you to continue to be in the minds of your network. Additionally, when you make a connection, you are now allowed to direct message them giving you a direct connection. This way when you find an article or idea you want to share with them, you can quickly look them up in LinkedIn and shoot off a message. Instead of having a stack of business cards that get lost in your couch, adding a new connection on LinkedIn is instantly organizes the person into your network allowing you to build on that relationship later.

3. Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up

Networking is an amazing way to build your business for the long term but it’s only as valuable as the connections you make and keep. I’ve been to more networking events than I can count and I’m guilty of letting most of those connects die off. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great first step but those connections and lack significance if not nurtured. If you have time, and especially with those that are in your industry, follow up after the event and set up a 1 on 1 video call. Spending just 30 minutes connecting 1 on 1 is an amazing way to build trust quickly and start a business relationship. Even after having this 1 on 1 meeting the relationship can drift off, so make sure to make a note to follow up with another call in the future if you feel the relationship is worth pusuing. 

If you are looking for quality networking opportunities online make sure to check out a Veets event and make 6-12 connections in an hour. We use two 20 minute breakout rooms of groups 6 attendees or smaller so you can have meaningful face to face connections. In each breakout you get 2 minutes to introduce yourself along with time after the introductions to chat more with your group. Each event is free so we hope to see you at an event soon!

Check out website for our current listing of events: www.buildyourdigitalnetwork.com 

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